Chilled canines who have reached a state of bliss

από Μυρτώ Τζώρτζου

Alex Cearns latest book ‘Zen Dogs’ (HarperOne) started out as a viral photo series on Bored and features happy canines expressing joy through their gently closed eyes and relaxed body language.

Looking at the ‘Zen Dogs’ images is like gazing into a ‘feelings’ mirror, reflecting back how they make us feel – relaxed, happy and calm.

To celebrate the wonderful connection we have with our dogs, Alex has released 10 never before seen shots of the Zen Dogs with their eyes open.

Seeing blissful dogs brings a smile to the face of every dog lover and with good reason – research has shown that being around a dog can;

1) Lift our spirits and improve our mood
2) Lower blood pressure
3) Improve our physical activity
4) Lead to fewer Doctors’ visits
5) Make us feel zen (ok, this one is unresearched but still true!)
Dogs really are our best friends and the ‘Zen Dogs’ provide us with a gentle reminder to be in the moment, to stop, and to relax. Preferably in the company of a beloved pooch.


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