Four-eared cat named Batman adopted by a little girl who likes superheroes

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Batman was surrendered on July to the Western PA Humane Society after his owner couldn’t care for him anymore. The 3-year old black cat became viral because he was born with an extra pair of ears that grow right behind his actual ears. And now he found his forever home next to a little girl that likes superheroes. Even though he spent almost a month at the shelter, he has adopted within hours after becoming available. He just needed to be treated for an upper respiratory infection and that’s why he spent so much time at the shelter. However, the little girl that adopted him inquired about him before he became an internet sensation because of his unusual condition, which is the result of a recessive gene that he got from both his parents. The shelter believes he found a great home.

Caitlin Lasky, the marketing communications manager for the humane society, hopes Batman’s fame can be helpful: “We’re hoping that the interest in Batman will help get more people through the door to look at animals they may have never thought of adopting (…) We have many cats and other animals who are also looking for their forever homes”. It can definitely be helpful to black cats who are still affected by superstitions and even though there is more and more awareness towards them, they still need all possible help for people to see how awesome they are.
For now, just look at Batman!

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