petpet.newsNews DeskThis cat has spent 9 years running a store without taking a day off

A true story

This cat has spent 9 years running a store without taking a day off

Bobo, ‘the king of the store’

When this ginger beauty was a kitten he needed a home, so an employee from a store in Chinatown, New York, decided to bring him in so he could have a place to stay. Since then, Bobo the cat has spent 9 years working at a store. He didn’t take a single day off, and he absolutely loves his job and the customers!

At the store, he likes to sit near the entrance and greet customers. He has his own scratcher lounge towards the front of the store and likes to sit there. He also likes to look out the window, a curious cat!

Liao started working at a store back in 2014 and immediately became Bobo’s caregiver and cat’s human number one. Liao even says that the cat does a better job than her. Apparently, Bobo loves greeting customers with a meow and showing them around. Liao calls the cat ‘the king of the store’ and says that this furry beauty is very calm, friendly, and loving. The employee even created an Instagram account for this furry shopkeeper, so now the whole world can see what this smart feline is up to.

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