Photographer from Austria captures soulful portraits of dogs enjoying autumn

από Μυρτώ Τζώρτζου

Anne Geier, a photographer from Austria, has a beautiful gift of capturing soulful portraits of dogs. Some of her best work is created in autumn, thanks to the golden colors and a misty weather adding a perfect magical atmosphere, which makes the portrait stand out even more. Anne Geier has kindly agreed to talk to Bored about her passion for dog photography and share some photography tips.

“Photography was relatively early an important part of my life. But the real passion developed about 7 years ago. My first dog Cindy was the reason why I started to deepen my knowledge in photography, especially dog photography. I pursued one main goal – I wanted to create moments of Cindy for eternity. This year in August I lost Cindy. Losing her left a big emptiness inside me. I miss her every day and now I appreciate it more than ever that I have made so many different pictures of her,” shared Anne. Πηγή:

autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-1 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-12 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-17 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-18 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-19 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-21 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-25 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-26 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-31 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-32 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-34 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-47 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-62 autumn-dog-photography-anne-geier-54

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