Top Dog Apps for 2016

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Dog apps are a great tool for all dogs and their families. If you are like many dog lovers, you may be looking for a way to connect to dog-related information in a quick and easy fashion. Dog apps are the perfect solution for this! So here we go, charge up your smartphone and take a look at the top dog apps for 2016.

Have you ever been feasting on something and had your dog come up and look at you lovingly, hoping for a bite? In many cases, people foods won’t harm your dog. However, there are particular foods out there that are toxic to dogs, or are simply not appropriate to feed a dog. Don’t take a chance! Look it up on the iKibble dog app. Consider it to be your free peace of mind. Once you know which foods are safe for your dog, have some fun whipping them up a batch of special treats, or cook a dinner for two (or more)! Read more about dog apps below.

PetMD Services Finder
This helpful database provides you information on local dog-related needs, according to a zip code search. If you are looking for a local doggie sitter, dog groomer or dog park, PetMD has got you covered. It is also ideal to have in case of emergency. PetMD connects you to emergency clinics and veterinarians in your area. No more having to tirelessly Google different searches while you are on the go. With the PetMD Services Finder, all of the local information can be accessed with ease. This is one of the main dog apps you should be sure to include.

Puppy House Training
If you have a new puppy, it is important to keep them on a schedule. The first step is to make sure that they are pooping and peeing at regular times. This is where the Puppy House Training dog app comes in. You can set potty reminders, so you will never forget to take your puppy outside. It has a daily log to help you keep track of when your puppy goes out, and allows you to track your puppy’s progress. It also provides you with house training support for those inevitable mistakes.

Clicker Training
With the Clicker Training dog app for the iPhone, you have the perfect dog training tool at your disposal. The best thing about a clicker dog app instead of using a real clicker is that you won’t lose or misplace it! New to the whole clicker concept? It offers clicker training tutorials and connects you to YouTube training videos to make the whole thing less of a mystery.

Bark Cam
Love taking selfies with your dog? Then the Bark Cam is a must-have! It has sound effects, which really get your dog’s ears perked up and looking at the camera. You can even add fun stickers to each image and cute filters to make your picture taking experience truly unique. Share your pup’s pics with their community of 4 million dog lovers and make your doggie a star.

Doggy Datez
Turns out, there is even an app designed to help you find and set up doggy play dates with local dog owners. As you may have guessed, Doggy Datez is more about dog OWNERS becoming connected with each other than their dogs. Nevertheless, it is still a fun way to use your dog as a potential matchmaker. You start by marking your spot, within a 200 mile radius. Then you invite others to join you to visit your spot. You can even search for dog owners by gender, age, dog gender, dog age and dog breed.
These top dog apps are sure to become some of your favorites in your app library.

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